Going DAOnwind: DAOs are like Water
Ayusha Mahajan
September 27th, 2022

At its core, water is life. At their core, DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) are the essence of society. There is no “right” state for them both to be in, as they take the shape and form of whichever vessel best suits their conditions and purposes.

DAOs are like water. They take various forms and fulfill several roles, yet are recognizable for their existence as society’s H2O. Adaptable, recognizable, and versatile enough to play a uniquely essential life-breathing role within society. They plan on making waves in the places that will benefit society without flooding it with power and force.

This is the third video of a three part-series that compares DAOs to nature, because what better way to describe the straightforward spontaneity of a community than to compare it with the physical phonomena that does it best.

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