Going DAOnwind: DAOs are like Starling Murmurations

No, they do not gracefully shapeshift into spontaneous arrangements in the sky. Yes, they are a group effort motivated by a single purpose.

What happens when you incentivize synonymous purpose for collaboration?

You get a decentralized autonomous organization. And a starling murmuration. The sizes and shapes that the two fluid groups can exist in are infinite, and the ways in which they can twist and transform to suit a common goal are endless. Birds of a feather typically flock together, but the iridescent starlings and members of a nascent DAO are much more creative in the way they approach communication and collective purpose.

DAOs are like starling murmurations. A few handful, or millions of starlings organize themselves into complex shapes to improvise and adapt to their environment.

Form follows function with these birds, where the shape of the murmuration depends on what kind of predator they’re escaping. Similarly, DAOs shift and transform, liquid-like, to fit their purpose. The only constant is change. Movement towards the goal is the only means of identification.

Murmurations have no social hierarchy or leader – yet they move collectively in unison, gathering together to share information. The beautiful diversity shared between DAOs and starlings proves that their variations makes them stronger than their strongest members, and more unique in their collective individuality.

This is the first video of a three part-series that compares DAOs to nature, because what better way to describe the straightforward spontaneity of a community, than to compare it to the physical phonomena that does it best?

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