Going DAOnwind: DAOs are like Planetary Systems

The universe is an exponentially expanding spectacle with never-ending potential for organized chaos governed by the rules of physics. DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) are similar, except they’re governed by the rules of democracy.

DAOs are more flexible in what they decide their purpose-emitting star to be, and with enough gravity, any of the ongoing projects within a DAO can become the center of orbit. We like to call space the final frontier for humanity, but we’ve got more in common with what lies beyond its mysterious edge, than we think.

DAOs are like planetary systems. Our own Solar System functions around a center of gravity that creates an orbit for the eight planets circling it. It’s almost as if the Sun is an object of purpose, its gravitational pull creating tiers of engagement.

DAOs are similar. Those planets closest to the Sun’s pull spin faster and complete more revolutions in the same time that planets farther away do – their engagement depends on how close they are to the pull of the DAO’s purpose. Members at the periphery of a DAO, similarly, are still a part of it; just less involved.

DAOs come in all kinds of shapes and forms, and they collectively represent different purposes, just like the stars and heavenly bodies that create a galaxy. They both manage to exist on their own, authentic, yet with a powerful enough purpose to ensure a framework to allow freedom for experimentation. Just like space, there are so many more discoveries left for us to make with DAOs.

This is the second video of a three part-series that compares DAOs to nature, because what better way to describe the straightforward spontaneity of a community, than to compare it to the physical phonomena that does it best?

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